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Anyone want to take a crack at writing "Overcoming Religious Indoctrination for Dummies"?

There is a parallel between the generations-long campaign to reduce smoking and our desire to limit the sway of religion...

**First we had to expunge the notion that it is good for you.

Then we had to quash the idea that it is just something that everybody does.

Then we had to inculcate the thought that it is bad for you.

Now, we're trying to drive home the understanding that it is bad for everyone around you.**

Certainly ridicule and a sense of outrage at the stench is important to help this multi-faceted process along. But when embarking on a long-term public drive to change the standard-issue mindset, one also needs other resources. Statistics showing harm (which can in turn drive legislation) are essential. A willingness to confront egregious offenders is needed. A well-thought out public education and advertising campaign is a must. An appreciation of the public and private costs of indulging is useful. And, a culture of self-help overcoming the scourge is important.

A one-dimensional effort to control a vicious weed so deeply rooted into every aspect of the social, psychological, and legal ecology is likely to simply select for a more robust weed.

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