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I watched another this evening, Channel 4 this time, with Gerry Adams investigating the biblical Jesus,

What was that like ? I just glanced at that link

A lot of cherry picking for starters. A Historical Jesus scholar filled him in on the LIES in the gospels, it was the key message of the sermon on the mount and the lesson of forgiveness....a lot of hypocritical bullshit ffs....but then I'm a wee bit bias. LIES, LIES, LIES and then more LIES. Murder for Jesus. Now one of my favourite authors seems to be contradicting his own work and making an eedjit of himself.


None of that...Jesus was a terrorist too you know, or is that a freedom fighter depending on the angle?....but lets whitewash what doesn't suit Christianity out ffs.

Blessed are the kneecappers -- that is, if you know what's good for you.

Compartmentalisation has a lot ta answer for.

I think the compartmentalization is the cross Gerry's apologists (you know, like Channel 4 for airing it) have to carry -- and answer for. But of course they'll just drag it around the floor and whinge on how unfair it is that we call him and them as we see it.

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