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However, let me state clearly that anyone who buys or reads Freedom of Religion and the Secular State hoping for advice on how secularists should organise will be disappointed.

Nor is the book a political manifesto. It's what it purports to be - a philosophy book, with all that that involves (attempts to define terms, draw important distinctions, and understand concepts; attempts to analyse arguments as objectively as possible; attempts to be honest about such things as not misprepresenting the other side's arguments, and about addressing their apparent strengths, rather than their weaknesses; and so on ...). It's written in a style that's intended to be accessible to a wide audience, and aspects should even be entertaining, but it's still a philosophy book, with the sorts of rigours that involves.

I also think your book is important for us to get a theoretical understanding of secularism. It's already obvious that many people are confusing the meaning of secularism when arguing for it.

I also recommend people learn about the history of the Enlightenment. Historical revisionism seems to be yet another tactic of the religious, and we need to become far more knowledgeable about the truth of the origin of secularism and our modern democratic politics.

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