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Comment 6, Alaskansee,

Love it, not only the switch but the substitution.

The Separation of State and superstition

What could be more logical, please let's all start using it forthwith!

Well said, Alaskansee. I love that too! The aliteration is the icing on the cake! Of course, we would only use the phrase if using the cliche to a resolute believer is getting us nowhere in the discussion. It forces a response they're not used to giving. If someone is offended, name another faith, point out that all faiths are included, and they'll get the message.

Comment 9, Viveca,

a)Concentrate on the positive. Highlight all the benifits to be enjoyed by the removal of religious privilege. Alas, this tactic isn't going to work, not in the real world, otherwise it would have been embraced long ago.

I don't know though. Think about 'state and superstition'. One of the effects of this phrase is to force the listener into thinking again about the fact that when they hear the usual phrase, they assume it means their religion. In this context, the spread of Islam is perhaps our greatest weapon against the spread of Christianity.

(Notice, by the way, that the Muslim Brotherhood is standing for election after repeatedly promising that they would not do so? Taqqiya in its purest form!)

Comment 12, Robert,

Please do not clear away the theocrats simply to make room for the secular fanatics.

If you know what secularism is, then there is no such thing as a secular(ist) fanatic. (You could get a secular football fanatic.) Secularists are not trying to control people's thoughts, just their harmful actions.

Comment 12, Russell Blackford,

We can successfully advocate secularism to people who'd resist the idea of atheism.

Yes, and I think we must keep stressing that you can be religious and secular. So many people think that secularism is against freedom of religion. And many more love to portray us as wanting to ban religion.

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