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I just wanted to highlight something here. I can only imagine the underlying struggle that has to take place with abandoning not just one's career, but their identity and perhaps even their entire adult life, because they feel that the principle is more important. Many commenters on this site have struggled with 'coming out' and the difficulty of dealing with family, friends, and co-workers - it must be exponentially harder for everyone like Teresa Macbain who have their livelihood and entire social structure built around not just believing religion, but instilling this belief in others, and being a mentor and role model.

I'm not sure how many of us could tear up our entire lives like this. I know a lot choose to keep our mouths shut at work or school because we fear the negative consequences are too much of a risk, and I honestly can't fault anyone for that, especially in these economic times. Being 'true to yourself' seems like an empty platitude when bills have to be paid.

So thank you, Teresa, for a remarkable and very moving speech. On top of that, you have my respect and awe for taking a huge leap, not just because I agree with your reasoning, but because you risked so much to stand up for your beliefs. I hope others take heart from your actions, experiences, and strengths, and that your story helps make this path just a little bit easier for everyone following. I can't wish you luck without feeling like it's a silly superstition, but I can say you deserve it anyway.

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