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It is suggested here that the dark ages are not a product of the period before it. It is easy to have opposing views of a period of time and there can exist validity in both views but I tend to look at the playing field at large generally. Clearly the open minded speculation and fragments of the greek intellect and other contributors survived going forward but the bulk of progress was certainly hamstrung and crippled in the dark ages. The feudal system reared it's ugly head and the "infection of religion" on the masses was most certainly a major factor in thwarting our ability to think and act unhampered. Unfortunately those medieval fragments are still with today. One should not overlook the reason for the general decline that brought on the dark ages and that condition was largely economic and that threat is also with us today, as many can see for themselves.

I would make the point that there are rational/scientific minded people in our current supposed age of enlightenment that should be prevailing but they are not presently. Just look at what is happening with the deniers who are affecting our ability to act against the very real problems we face and their ability to thwart the necessary steps that are needed for the benefit of us all. There are many here on RDFRS who are aware of the pervasive threat's against reason that can pull as down just as effectively as it did for those people in the dark ages and that is testament of our ability to see the implications of the middle ages that might affect our ability to move forward boldly today.

I am very appreciative of Lawrence Krauss's intellect and the intellect of others here on and I hope to become more aware daily. I hope we can collectively move forward eventually and ditch this insanity of religion and the stinking thinking that cripples us as a species.

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