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Teresa, I didn't know how much I needed to hear this until I found tears on my face also. Though a Brit, like Hitch did, I put a lot of store in the potential for the USA to champion a better moral path for everyone. So, when the American "moral" majority said I was less trustworthy than a rapist, it hurt a lot more than I realised.

I tend not to blame the religiously afflicted, but have always felt the burden of infective guilt really does lie with those who afflict others for money. In my mind I demonise religious leaders and the new class of religious/political exploiters. The clergy project has made me understand how the more honest such leaders can be merely afflicted too, and may wake up one morning trapped in a loveless marriage with religion, but needing to keep up appearances or lose the house, your friends and seemingly all trace of public respect.

Teresa, thank you for your words. Your courage will beget plenty more, and as for respect I think you have a lifetime's supply.

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