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Comment 11 by Cartomancer - not entirely sure what you mean with the phrase "it is suggested here". Is that supposed to be a recapitulation of my point, above, or simply a very formal, essayistic way of saying "I beg to differ"?

My reference was not meant to be accusatory or confrontational. I would say your later suggested interpretation would most likely fit the bill and should be viewed as a mildly opposing postulation and nothing more. I do want to thank you for your subsequent views of the period. I have an interest in cultural anthropology and that made the discussion of this period interesting to me. I would whole heartedly agree, or offer a personal interpretation, that it is alway difficult to get to the root view of the most likely occurrences of an era for the following reason, and that is - to the victors goes the ability to write the history - and I think you would agree that mankind's reasoning can offer a slanted view of events that can cloud that actual events as they unfolded. The casual observer's views were most likely dismissed or never recorded for obvious reasons.

Multiple views of speculated/suggested realities are very much appreciated, yours as well my friend, in examining that period of time. Knowledge is always a good thing, as is discussion and further speculation that might illuminate our understanding. When we think we know it all we cease to learn and I try to avoid that trap and keep an open mind. I will certainly jettison information once I weight the evidence that suggests a more plausible explanation and I think you would agree with my view on this point. Thank you for your post Cartomancer, it was much appreciated and broadened my day.

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