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I am very much affected by and appreciate Lawrence for his propositions because they make me think. This article brought me back to a road I traveled once upon a time in my mind. When I was still in the delusion of religion I had this bullshit view that supported the creation theory that went something like this - the world generally is arranged, and so perfectly suited to our needs, like the air that we breath or the food that brings sustenance in a myriad of forms that clearly it had to be that way because of a creator. This list of mine went on and on really to support this crud thinking on my part. My ignorance is self-evident with this admission but hopefully it will help someone else so I don't mind the personal implications in admitting this failed thinking on my part.

It didn't take long to realize that there are just as many things that can take us out like bacteria/disease (can you say black death) and other factors that served to crush this stinking thinking on my part. I can now view the world without it being specific only as to how it relates to mankind and that gives me a far larger world to examine. The advancements that Lawrence suggests in such a short time span are truly impressive and I hope we can just learn to ditch the affliction of religion that crushes an inquiring mind. The world that could exist without the religious anchor that acts like a tether to irrationality would serve us greatly as a species and free our minds to look outside of the box.

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