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Thank you AthistEgbert for your observation - The truth is, the more we learn about the universe, the more non-intuitive and unfathomable it becomes. Every point in the universe is expanding away from each other point, and therefore is no center of the universe, and yet we aren't even aware of it, nor can we imagine it..

It would be amazing what we could see if we could get out of the way of ourselves but find a way to utilize the altered perspective. The world is certainly much larger than we can speculate on and we will never be able to grasp it all but hopefully that will never limit our thinking about it all.

I use the following saying occasionally and it come from a corridor that one might not expect, at least it didn't for me but it is the following - "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" from Jimi Hendrix. I use it to calm myself sometimes and as a tool to force myself to see a new point of view or proposition. I like to think that I am an old dog that can learn a new trick and I thank Jimi for the nudge to open my mind to listening.

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