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All of life is an illusion. Our bodies and the physical realm are but masks that hide our true selves and our true nature - that we are one with God. We live in essentially a holographic world in which objects, people, etc. appear to be solid, but in reality it is not.

Everywhere we look, it appears that the world was designed so that we could flourish.

Yes this is our ego tricking us into believing what we have made is real. The only true reality is that which God has created - our higher Consciousness, the divinity within.

...I am painfully aware that our illusions nonetheless reflect a deep human need to assume that the existence of the Earth, of life and of the universe and the laws that govern it require something more profound.

Yes, it is refreshing to hear that science agrees and acknowledges our our human need to make up comforting stories.

from Einstein's realization that measurements of space and time were not absolute but observer-dependent, to quantum mechanics, which not only put fundamental limits on what we can empirically know but also demonstrated that elementary particles and the atoms they form are doing a million seemingly impossible things at once.

Quantum mechanics has shown through the double slit experiment that we can influence the outcome of a situation through our observation. We live in infinite possibilities, but as soon as we zone in our decision all the potential possibilities fall away. Prior to this instance, anything is within the realm of possibilities.

Perhaps most remarkable of all, not only is it now plausible, in a scientific sense, that our universe came from nothing, if we ask what properties a universe created from nothing would have, it appears that these properties resemble precisely the universe we live in.

The Universe was created from Divine Mind to that which our Higher Consciousness is connected.


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