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All of life is an illusion. Our bodies and the physical realm are but masks that hide our true selves and our true nature - that we are one with God. We live in essentially a holographic world in which objects, people, etc. appear to be solid, but in reality it is not.

I hate to have to shatter such idealism, but there is a serious flaw in the 'true nature' type argument....

If our minds cannot comprehend the 'true nature' of the universe, then the true nature of the universe cannot be mind stuff. Many followers of what is known as subjective idealism fail to grasp that the more they argue that the brain 'makes up' our experience.......the more they are simultaneously arguing that the 'true nature' of the universe is far removed from that experience.

Subjective 'true nature' type idealism ends up disappearing up its own behind.....because it dissociates the universe so much from the mind that it in itself becomes an argument that the 'real' universe is devoid of all such mind stuff......including such concepts as 'purpose'. Thus an argument designed to impart meaning and purpose upon the universe......actually ends up doing the very reverse !

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