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In one sense, we are seeing design and purpose, because we are stuck inside our own experiencing heads, looking at a perfect representation of the collisions of events happening from our senses.

No wonder most people intuitively believe that there is order and sense to the world, because our minds create it in the first place.

Very much so! There is clearly survival potential for humans who can look at natural (or manufactured) objects, and see useful purposes for them.

When I want to prop something up in my large tree-lined garden, I quite often look for a branch or piece of wood, which HAPPENS to be the right size and shape for the PURPOSE, rather than making one especially.

Likewise when the manufacturer of some expensive device, no longer makes even simple spare-parts for it, I will look in my scrap odds & ends box for a substitute to improvise a repair.

Anyone with practical improvisational skills uses their ability to ATTRIBUTE purpose to objects. (Watch Ray Mears etc. SELECTING natural materials in living off the land as our ancestors did!)

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