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I hate to have to shatter such idealism, but there is a serious flaw in the 'true nature' type argument.... If our minds cannot comprehend the 'true nature' of the universe, then the true nature of the universe cannot be mind stuff. Many followers of what is known as subjective idealism fail to grasp that the more they argue that the brain 'makes up' our experience.......the more they are simultaneously arguing that the 'true nature' of the universe is far removed from that experience.

In traditional Christianity, yes this argument falls flat on its face. In New Thought or more New Agey beliefs, the explanation is that you are living in your lower self most of the time, so yes, your argument is correct. But "Mind" is so much more than our physical mind. There really lacks a word for "Mind" but it is a connection with all of the life force, the God nature within. Essentially everything is God. God Consciousness is within every little detail of life. Unfortunately, it is considered that we are so stuck in this illusion that we don't realize this higher potential of Consciousness. The world we see is essential "the wool we have pulled over our eyes." We know that this state exists because from time to time we have had a glimpse of this higher state. Many master teachers before us Christ, Buddha, Krishna, etc. have all reached this higher state, this potential that is also with in us.

It is said that religion poses a problem for which they have an answer. In this case, the problem is that you are living in this world and have forgotten who you are. The key is to remember the divinity within. The key to shatter this view is to recognize that consciousness does not exist outside of the body and is dependent upon the physical.

Anyway to bring this back onto topic, applying meaning and purpose is considered a way that our ego, our physical self, have fooled us into buying into this illusion. We make what we see seem real by attributing meaning, specialness, and stories to it. In essence, this universe is meaningless. the interesting thing is very few if any people actually are able to embrace meaninglessness. Part of my deconversion was to give up the one meaning they embraced - love. To do what is asked, regarding not attributing meaning would either lead people down the road to grandiose behavior or atheism.

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