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Comment 17 by Kurt Unwise

I have a funny feeling that even if only a small number of atheists (5% or so) initially adopt that approach, the tide will soon turn..... more atheists will join in..... then, journalists and other opinion-makers will be ashamed to be on the ridiculous side and there will be a snowball effect.......

Not immediately, I suspect: it would take at least a few years, and that's me being optimistic. Its spread would be hampered by a combination of anti-atheistic prejudice and a tendency not to talk about religion in public. It would be very slow.

Comment 14 by aquilacane

Well it took more than 30 years but it's good to see the rest of atheism catching up to me.

You should have said something. We would have run faster if you had. ;-)

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 17:39:53 UTC | #931951