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I have a funny feeling that even if only a small number of atheists (5% or so) initially adopt that approach, the tide will soon turn..... more atheists will join in..... then, journalists and other opinion-makers will be ashamed to be on the ridiculous side and there will be a snowball effect.......

Not immediately, I suspect: it would take at least a few years, and that's me being optimistic. Its spread would be hampered by a combination of anti-atheistic prejudice and a tendency not to talk about religion in public. It would be very slow.

Oh...and did I mention about safety in numbers?

I am pretty sure (from my personal lengthy interactions with religious people) that a majority of them are taking Pascal's wager or atleast something like that, subconsciously. Even if you can convince them that all their beliefs are ridiculous, they will go back and think "I'll pray to some sort of God, just in case there is one..." or atleast assert more vigourously than ever before that they are good persons (so that they could perhaps make a case in heaven for being judged on their good deeds, if not their beliefs)

I know, that's a very cynical judgment of 'ordinary' people, but then, I won't be wrong if I say that fear of punishment is certainly the most important reason that people worship the supernatural dictator.

Once people begin to see that lots of other people around them are atheists and happy and safe, the pressure to believe will be off their minds! As Richard had said in that remarkable 2002 TED speech, 'the more number of openly atheist people that we have, the more we will get'!

Also, I think, technology and open exchange of information are things that are going to help our cause, no matter how the other side uses technology for propaganda at the moment! I believe, we are going to win the battle for reason in the west in less than a decade!

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