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Comment 19 by Kurt Unwise

I didn't think of it like that, I must admit. But even then, it still takes some initial courage, and that's rarely easy to muster. I keep thinking of the Ipsos MORI poll, and it seems that in the UK at least, there are far more nonreligious people than most people think. We've certainly had an impact over the last ten years if the number of christians has gone from 72% to 54% of the population, and then it turns out most of the 54% aren't even religious to begin with. In a sense, the work towards making nonreligious people a majority through consciousness raising is already half done.

I don't think it would be less than a decade, though. On a naive estimate, if the number of self-proclaimed christians drops another 18% in the UK (to 36%), that's still only one country in the west. I dislike sounding like a party pooper, but I'm wary about getting optimistic over the forecast.

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