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Comment 5, Carto,

Did the ascended body of christ in heaven somehow acquire the substance of the bread temporarily? Did they return to the bread and wine eventually (generally before excretion - people really didn't want you crapping out bits of christ later in the day, that would be theologically very unseemly).

Holy shit! And I suppose Jesus would be wholemeal, with those sandals.

Comment 8, Carto,

Was gay porno priest clled Keith O'Brien, by any chance?

I think that we have an innate spirituality - emotional awareness in still moments - call it what you will, which makes some people (especially children, who trust more) vulnerable to religious indoctrination. Some can't get rid of the idea that someone must be hosting this party, although, like Gatsby, few have seen him, and it feels impolite to criticise the menu, so they swallow it all without reading.

Very, very well done Professor Dawkins, and how honest of you to explain what you learned from it. You never think of yourself as the Oracle. You are so impressive and, sorry, but such a nice man. Thank you.

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 18:40:38 UTC | #931967