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The Jews in Jesus' time did not believe in eternal punishment. The Jews today do not believe in eternal punishment.

What Americans believe and Evangelical Europeans believe is not necessarily what is believed in other parts of the world. The oldest, and original church in the world, the Eastern Orthodox, does not believe in eternal punishment and accepts evolution.

The Bible is instructional not a set of instructions. It does not work as set of instructions. Jesus made that plain.

The Name Adam is also a word that is used to represent mankind. Evolution does not contradict the Bible. Much of the Bible was never intended to be read literally; certainly not the creation story.

As you all keep pointing out, it makes no sense, so why do you insist on reading it literally yourselves; you are intelligent people?

Much of your criticism of religion I agree with, and I criticise you for thinking about religion on the literalists own terms. Get thinking. As one of your colleges said it's the deaf shouting at the deaf.


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