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Morality has always been about who was in charge at the time and how certain behavior modifications would protect or profit them.

The genius of the bible is that one can find justification from on high for any repugnant action one might deem advantageous or just plain fun (murder, rape, genocide etc.) and vilification for the most noble of actions- if your team is in charge.

From the OT pronouncement of "Honor thy mother and father" to Jebus's "hate them, leave them and follow me"- biblical morality is all over the charts. And when you have morality as dichotomous as that, it's the same as having no morality at all.

Real morality, meaning current morality whenever one's current might fall on the timeline of what has been laughably called "civilization", has historically been a combination of zeitgeist, volkgeist (forgive me father if I butchered those spellings) and the ambitions of those who control the gold.

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