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These three are on a roll!

No need to go into our innate empathic qualities here, they're understood in this neck of the woods. 'Intelligently designed ethics' - what a neat concept; the creationist fox is in danger of being shot methinks, or at least ridiculed. What fun!

Comment 3: rjohn19.

The fifth commandment in the Decalogue reads: 'Honour thy father and mother.' ; as good an example of a needless and superfluous statement as any other in the turgid confection it comprises.

Syria and Sudan are, unless I'm mistaken, Theocracies, governed, if that's the right word, by theocentrics; although I find it easy to imagine that those in charge don't believe a word of what they profess; instead of theocracies perhaps they're better described as hypocracies.

Anyway, things are warming up nicely.

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