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“Intelligent Design” -- a term championed by the Seattle old-earth creationist think-tank The Discovery Institute

In the same sense astrology is "championed".

“If man didn’t have a moral compass and did what was right in his own eyes, we would be in not only a strange society but a scary society,” said Gabriella van Breda.

We have our own moral compass drilled into us through evolution. We taught it to ourselves and can continue teaching without invoking deities. The mammals cared for each other millions of years before human consciousness and we evolved our own values on the back of this. Now the religious have hijacked this as their own... but it belongs to the natural... not the supernatural.

When you look around the world you see how governments in Syria and Sudan act as cruelly as is possible.”

Irony alert. Syria is torn apart (in part) by the very god-belief she props up, namely sectarian religious division. The Sunni majority vs the Allawite minority... and 10% Christian. It's a melting pot of religious hatred. Just listen to the frenzied Syrian rebels as they shout "Allahuh Akhbar".

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