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Comment 14 by alphonsus :

Unaided reason can't always arrive at the full truth, but in principle the truth revealed by God (through the bible and the church) is the same as that arrived at by reason.

What must reason be aided by to arrive at the full truth? What does it mean to say that in principle the truth revealed by God through the bible and the church is the same as that arrived at by reason when in practice it isn't?

Faith and reason, as the church has been saying for a long time, are not contradictory but complementary pathways leading to the truth.

Except when they contradict each other which they frequently do.

Faith means continuing to believe something even when reason tells you to abandon it. They are therefore diametrically opposed to each other. The only time they can be at all complementary is if by sheer luck reason happened to take you to the same place you'd put your faith to begin with.

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