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Not really. The ability to "work it out for themselves" is an expression of what Christianity understands as the Natural Law, in other words people are endowed with the natural ability to arrive at the truth through their use of reason, as beings created in the image of God. Unaided reason can't always arrive at the full truth, but in principle the truth revealed by God (through the bible and the church) is the same as that arrived at by reason. Faith and reason, as the church has been saying for a long time, are not contradictory but complementary pathways leading to the truth.

So your contention is that regardless of what variety of belief a person has, because they were all created by the deity you presumably believe in they have a 'natural' ability to discern truth? How convenient for you. Law, Ethics, Morality... are not a by product of a single deity or a by product of a specific religious way of thinking or indeed a by product of religious thinking at all. This still ignores the countless other religions past and present that have had creator deities and monotheistic ideologies who could no doubt make the identical claim, with no proof as you have.

As for their origin, it lies with us. We as people as society was in its infancy from wandering nomads needed a way to coexist with those that had something to offer the tribe. Rules had to be established to govern that coexistence. Religion co-opts the process to make its claims but if you go no farther than the 10 commandments you see many of the 'laws' mentioned don't even relate to society or indeed morality as it applies to society. It is a method of religion governing others through fear, with other laws relating only to killing, stealing and lying and even them only as it applies to people in control. No mention of women, slaves, or others in society that isn't in the form of subjugation to the authors of the books.

As for faith and reason, faith is something one does even when reason tells you otherwise in many instances. When science, which uses reason in the form of the scientific method arrives at a conclusion that contradicts what religious doctirne declares to be true as a matter of faith, the last portion of your statement falls completely flat. They are not 2 different sides of the same coin, they are opposing sides of the spectrum.

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