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Hey, have you seen the News about email Hacking by Sky News? Now we know why James Murdoch 'resigned'!!!! Someone should start a thread!

Comment 9, Casey,

I agree, and I'm wondering if it's even worse than that. This trend of hilariously audacious, conspicuous stealth has been going on for many years, at least since William Lane Craig graduated, and he's no spring sacrificial chicken, slaughtered straight to 'God'. Oh God, now I've made myself sick. (By the way, I wrote God without quotation marks in that last sentence, because it's only blasphemy if you do!) I feel so angry and sickened.

This is deeply worrying and baffling, so forgive a speculative rant, because I have no idea what is even going on here! As far as I can see, which, admittedly, is not far, the Tenessee destroyers of worlds (that is to say, Destroyers of Potential Worlds) are already part of a movement to build a new education system - and they want it eventually to include everyone they intend to bring to Jesus - which is, well, everyone.

They have their own colleges, and so they'll continue to embrace the sadly ignorant students and educate them further into fanatical, prostelytising ignorance. They will teach them how to lie for Jesus. That requires superficial understanding (as a maximum and a minimum standard) and unshakable sophistry. And it means no scientists, or at least if they did produce a world-class scientific genius, just think of how much further he would have taken science without the cognitive clutter of religion. I think this spread of religious power is what David Cameron wants here in the UK, but that belongs in the Cameron thread.

Christians are, deliberately and explicitly in the UK, and at least by default, in the US, siding with Muslims, against secularism, and, by implication, against atheism (ie Satanic Worship). I am at a loss, but I'm wondering how they think that would play out. Do they have a risk register? By multiculturalism, they mean separatism - live and let live, and allow us our own flavour of fanaticism. Those within the larger groups will outdo one another demonstrating who is more devout. What happens then? Would the Muslims and Christians kill each other, or would they all be dead before that stage by killing each other within their own groups? I think the latter, but either way, we're doomed unless we become a political force, and fast.

I would humbly suggest that, as a first step, whether or not you are a person of faith, every person who posts or lurks on this website should (if he or she has not already done so), as a first step, join the National Secular Society. Someone posted a link on a current thread. The society is 150 years old but not good at recruitment, and so its membership numbers are shockingly low. Let's join, siblings. I'm just about to, today, and it feels good! At least think about it if you care about a child's right to education.

Oh please could someone - Richard Dawkins? - please, please persuade Stephen Fry to stand as a secularist candidate? I know that he is vastly over qualified, and that he would be a reluctant, press-ganged Prime Minister, but a great one. (The job would be less taxing than the incredible amount of work he does now!) Could we please start a petition to let him know that we need him?

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