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The ability to "work it out for themselves" is an expression of what Christianity understands as the Natural Law, in other words people are endowed with the natural ability to arrive at the truth through their use of reason, as beings created in the image of God.

Strange that the multitude of different forms of Christianity come up with so many different answers to the same issues by using "natural intuition" (faith). Perhaps that illustrates the failures of "faith" as a thought process.

Unaided reason can't always arrive at the full truth,

Unaided reason cannot arrive at any conclusion connected to material reality at all. It needs verifiable evidence as a starting point.

but in principle the truth revealed by God (through the bible and the church) is the same as that arrived at by reason.

Without testable evidence as a starting point, reason only supports "castles in the air". Revealed "truth" is just another name for intuitive guessing, - and given the mythological basis and dubious re-translations & mistranslations of bible stories, there is simply no evidence base to start from. (Not a single confirmed eyewitness account or artefact!)

Faith and reason, as the church has been saying for a long time, are not contradictory

Faith and reason are two entirely separate processes. Hypothetical reasoning can start from any axiom. - But without evidence it will merely be self consistent fancy fiction!
It is "faith" and "evidence " which are usually contradictory.

but complementary pathways leading to the truth.

No! - Truth has to start with evidence to connect to material reality! Reason is only a mechanism to build on this starting point.

Faith is, by definition, "believing without evidence"! - A decision making process which has consistently failed practical testing for centuries, and caused numerous disasters.

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