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Comment 3 by rjohn19 :

Morality has always been about who was in charge at the time and how certain behavior modifications would protect or profit them.

You are confusing morality with legality and politics. Of course morality often is manipulated by people in power to make it seem as if doing things that benefits their interests are moral but that hardly justifies cynically saying that they are the same thing. Look at the moral teachings of people like Plato, Jesus, Marcus Aurelius, Kant, etc. and their writings are filled with ideas about doing good for others at the expense of yourself.

Real morality, meaning current morality whenever one's current might fall on the timeline of what has been laughably called "civilization", has historically been a combination of zeitgeist, volkgeist (forgive me father if I butchered those spellings) and the ambitions of those who control the gold.

Certainly all those factors have a very strong effect on morality but again I think its needlessly cynical to say they are the same as morality. Even the most basic overview of history can find countless examples of people (often religious people btw) advocating for things that are either against or indifferent to their own well being because they think its the moral thing to do.

Just a few examples: the movement by white people in the US to abolish slavery, the US civil rights movement, the US anti-war movement,...

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