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Comment 8 by Stafford Gordon :

Syria and Sudan are, unless I'm mistaken, Theocracies, governed, if that's the right word, by theocentrics; although I find it easy to imagine that those in charge don't believe a word of what they profess; instead of theocracies perhaps they're better described as hypocracies.

Syria is not a theocracy. In the Cold War era they were very strongly aligned with the Soviets and I think they even called their government Socialist. Now they are one of those governments that pretends to be a democracy but is really a dictatorship with a ruler (Assad) who governs via "emergency powers" for an emergency that never ends.

There is a strong Islamic force in Syria and the Syrian government however. Assad tries to co-opt a lot of the revolutionary movements by courting favor with various state sanctioned Islamic groups.

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