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Jerry is from my neck of the woods. Almost just down the street literally. Churches like he used to preach in are on almost every corner. I'm so thrilled for Jerry to have found support in our community and the fact that there are those who care enough to establish organizations such as Recovering from Religion and The Clergy Project. His style is not for everyone but it is perfect for reaching others around here. People around here eat that style up and they will more likely listen just because he speaks in that style. Personally I like that he is excited about preaching reason and truth. I really enjoyed listening to a sermon where I could accept what the preacher said was true. I jumped a bit when he mentioned Joseph Campbell's book because it was Joseph Campbell's series interview with Bill Moyers on PBS talking about his book The Power of Myth that was, for me too, THE critical information I needed to know that there were no real gods, never had been and how we humans have used mythology throughout the ages as a way to make sense of our world and explain the unexplainable. At the end of watching that series of interviews, I was able to let go of religion and know I was an atheist for good and valid reasons. I have always loved science and it played a part, but that wasn't what turned the lights on for me either. It was more than 20 years later that Richard wrote the God Delusion and I first read his work. That was a long 20 year period of feeling and being quite alone with my thoughts.

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