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@ Richard, Given the nature of this weekend and that our Western nations continue to insist on a theocratic enforced public holiday it would be good to raise a couple of issues with the RC cardinal.

Currently in the UK themed passion plays based on the crucifixion tale are being acted out as public spectacle. I love theatre but do wonder if parents are allowing children to attend what is essentially snuff porn entertainment, are kids are free to watch violent films too. Should age appropriate concerns factor into religion presentations?

Why are people in the Philippines, an over populated and tremendously poor nation thanks to the interference in women being free to use reproductive technologies, allowing real torture to take place on stage? Is it right for children to watch this, they do have developing emotions that can be harmed by such trauma as the spilling of real blood.

Is it right to use this terrible imagery to tamper with the minds and emotions of children, telling them that it is a true story when there is not a shred of evidence in history of any absolutely dead thing ever resurrecting?

Why is the RC church continuing to practice magic, waving a wand while speaking special words over a snack food and presto turning it into a god for consumption?

I realize that if you ask my questions that you'll be accused of being strident, militant and insulting beliefs but should it matter when such ideologies are just plain antiquated?

The priest chatter against freedom from religion is truly aggressive and mean.

Best, Linda

p.s. Of course we all like holidays from work and surely they can be determined in an inclusive way without forcing religion. Here in Canada we have Family Day in February. A nice long weekend that all of us can enjoy.

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