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Tony D,

That delusional woman, almost certainly incapable of giving an informed consent, in Catholic theology, is said to be the first saved by the future merits of her kid. She required a savior like everyone but was pre-saved, like pre-boarding an aircraft I suppose. Pretzel logic required a clean vessel like the spotless ark of Olden Days which housed the Almighty in a box. A box! Today the imagery has been usurped from the Jews and is called a Tabernacle in church where all the little breads are stored that don't get chomped down.

Mary also slipped into a wormhole ending up in heaven when the course of earthly life was over.

Of course it's the same thing as what you're saying, though it isn't. It's also mysterious. Cue Eddie Izzard's "wooooo...wooooo" Holy Ghost routine right about now.


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