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Comment 14: "The person who actually has some authority in the matter should go first and be properly addressed."

What about when neither of the chosen debaters has any authority? Bishop John Shelby Spong has authority in his Christliness, unlike Pell. Spong says we can't know what God is. Carl Jung backs him on this, another man whom I regard as having a natural authority in these matters. Yet another is Paul Tillich of Harvard. He says that to argue for the existence of God is just as blasphemous as arguing against (the charade we'll be watching Monday night). The error we make, Tillich says, is in personalizing what can't be so reduced to suit the human intellect; God isn't a person but Being itself. That sounds like authority to my inbuilt, shockproof crap detector. The only authority we can look to is in ourselves. Punch and Judy shows like this next Q&A have no relevance to the search for truth as long as they're rooted firrmly in outer direction. If George Pell were a genuine follower of Christ, he'd know what the Master meant when he assured us the Kingdom is within, not on sale down at the local church congregation. Pell would read Christ's comments on how to pray, and never be seen in a congregation ever again. But he won't. He'd rather turn up to this debate and continue the pretence that he's the man who knows. I pity poor Dawkins. Didn't any of his friends warn him about Pell?

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