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emphasized textBy Comment 8: ' ...when I talk about the invisible world I do not, as you assume, mean a supernatural world. The timeless facts which are symbolized by the multiplication table are invisible, but hardly supernatural.' J.B.S.Haldane.

Haldane, like most scientists, had to measure his words - as Christ did - so that dogs (uninitiated) don't make breakfast out of them. So he had difficulty talking about what his intuition makes fairly clear to any intelligent person and many not so cerebrally inclined. In the quote you submit (above), the word supernatural is used as though we all know what it means and can order another round of drinks. To me (and I'm sure it meant something similar to Haldane), it simply means the part of the natural world we don't yet understand, so we put the 'super' (meaning 'above') tag on it for tidiness (but not accuracy). We once regarded electricity as supernatural, and in many respects it still is, and will be till sicence understands it. The feel for this sort of intuitive reality comes out of this remark by Christian Morgenstern: "All secrets lie before us in perfect openness, only we gradate ourselves against them, from stone to seer. There are no mysteries as such, only uninitiated of all degrees."

If we could just get off our show ponies for a while and accept that we're all in varying states of ignorance and blind certainty, the ABC could cancel the coming Q&A debate and put on something of substance. Cartoons would be nice. As it is, we're going to be served up two black-and-whiters who can't stand truth and will bang their kerosine tins about it till the cows leave home again. There are no opposites except in this world of illusory dualism. In space there's no up or down lest we make it by a bit of sleight of hand, using our capsule designer's old notion of up and down, which is irrelevant in its new location. Grey is the mix of black and white; where both are not only tolerated but authentic contributors to the unified reality created. On Monday night we won't get closer to any truth, as promised, because the grey is intolerable to both participants. But as I said, reality is grey to our eyes, to diffuse the false polarity, but gorgeously colourful to those who sought out proper initiation.

The sad thing is that a genuine seer wouldn't get a look in at the ABC or any of the other more openly commercial anaesthetics put over our airwaves. We know what we want, and the lads will churn it out every time. We live in times when our ignorance of Nature is on the brink of deleting us and our home, and this is the best we can organize for a metaphysical discussion. God help us.

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