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To Archway

Yes, the original inhabitants of Australia might have lived in peace and harmony (of a sort) but they also loved in a stone age society bereft of any insight into the world at large. But, of course they had knowledge far beyond modern science, of course they did. I bet that if you ever ( and I use this only as an example as I wish you no ill-will) got a serious illness, you'd be straight off to your local aboriginal healer rather than a western medical practitioner.

To claim that Richard Dawkins is some kind of no-nothing, and in effect claim that western empirical science is empty, belies an emptiness of your own. Clearly, anyone who has ever read and studied science, let alone Dawkins, would understand the foundation on which it is based. (Have a quick read of Ben Goldacre's excellent 'Bad Science' to understand how science actually works.) I can only presume you've never opened a science book.

Anyway, from an ex-catholic, nail him Richard. I'm sure that you will. You've got evidence on your side after all!!

Sun, 08 Apr 2012 00:24:10 UTC | #932984