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What interests me about fire and early hominids is that it must mark an ability to recognise something that would normally be a source of terror (ask a bush fire survivor) and see it as a useful thing to carry around. It suggests quite a good imagination, ability to plan and guts so to speak. Most animals flee at the first sight of fire and for good reason. I suppose a number come in after and clear up dead animals that's already been suggested above. I saw video somewhere possibly TED sorry can't recall, where a chimp had been taught to build a fire and light it (with a lighter). Having seen footage of Australian Aboriginals lighting fires using their hands and sticks (no bows like the American Indians) and trying it as kid for some hours I can tell you it's bloodly hard work just get something warm let alone hot enough to ignite something. So I take my hat off to my smaller brained predecessors.

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