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That Mormon, Bryon, how terrifying is it that he hopes that he has the faith to kill is own son if he "felt" that it was God's will. I still go to church with my wife and the elders quorum president taught in priesthood that God lets bad things happen to us because he loves us, gee thanks God, I would hate to be on his bad side. He then went into discussing how Mormons don’t display the cross because we don’t focus on the pain and suffering of Christ’s slaughter, all Mormons really care about is that they will get to be resurrected, and then he took a moment to bash an atheists he works with who was making fun of his beliefs (yay!) and said how sad it is that atheists won’t accept the “reality” of the resurrection. I really do wish that I could be openly atheistic (it would be too hard on my wife so I just bite my tongue for now), I hope to be the fly in their ointment one day, could make for some very interesting lesson discussions.

Sun, 08 Apr 2012 20:11:49 UTC | #933119