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← This is a short promo for the two-hour documentary, "In God We Trust?" by Scott Burdick.

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The part that I think disturbs me most (and there was quite a bit of competition for it, don't get me wrong) is the bit where the Muslim makes the statement about the truth reaching our hearts before reaching our heads. It really speaks to what indoctrination through fear does, it bypasses the need for facts beyond what is taught as truth at a very young age most of the time.

Truth of course doesn't reach anywhere, we arrive at conclusions about truth through reasoning regardless of how faulty that reasoning may be. But that doesn't change what is true any more than I can turn the sun on and off with a light switch. Evidence dictates how you arrive at what is true, what we can prove and what we do with the facts the come from it.

A chilling look at what makes this line of thinking so very dangerous.

Sun, 08 Apr 2012 22:32:05 UTC | #933140