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Comment 14 by KRKBAB :

I think calling it mass insanity is an easy answer that's just wrong. I think it's closer to a meme that is automatically brainwashed into children by people who were brainwashed as children ...

It's just (okay, now it seems like I'm simplifying things:) ) that some people have the ability to recognize the sheer impossibility of these myths and some don't have the ability.

It might be something as simple as (damn, I can't stop using that word!) people who either a) accept things because it makes their world easier to understand and it makes them feel secure or b) people that accept things because they think the majority of evidence points that way regardless of whether the outcome is favorable to their well being or not?

Freud called it a mass delusion, but he admitted that he never understood religious experience.

The best explanation I can think of, is that of human identity. Those lacking in a strong personal identity take on a superficial identity of the group, or group identity. This is what religion is, where group identity overpowers personal sanity and reason.

Since there is no instruction book for developing a personal identity, it's incredibly difficult to determine what exactly authentic personality is.

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