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I just got to say, that this really sucks out loud!

Quote from above article . . .

Tennessee is currently debating a bill that is intended to give schoolyard bullies an exemption from the law if their bullying happens to be motivated by “sincerely held” religious bigotry.

OK, I'm 60 years old now, but I remember, when I was a kid in school, I was often bullied around.

I was lousy at sports because of my crippled up left knee, the result of a car accident, so, I was unable to run, and I walked with a limp.

Back then, if you were no good at sports, or if you didn't care for sports, you were called a pinko, or a Commie or unpatriotic, especially if you didn't like football.

In high school, your masculinity was questioned. I was often called a "queer" or a "sissy" because I didn't like football.

I was the typical science nerd or geek.

I'm straight, but I strongly support the rights of teens who are gay, lesbian, or bi, that they should be free from harassment and bullying.

Recently, a new movie titled "Bully" came out, but it was rated R.

I have signed petitions on line to have the rating reduced from R down to PG13 so that young people under 18 can get to watch it in school. The movie have a very important message for young people, and for teachers and parents.

I understand that in the state of Michigan a similar bill was voted on that would allow bullies to harass some student based on religious or "moral" grounds.

Yeah! I can very well imagine what the results would be.

Gay teens would be harassed bullied to the point of committing suicide.

I also imagine, that the good students making high grades in science and math, the science nerds and techno-geeks, who believe in evolution, would probably be harassed by Bible-thumping bullies, and will be told they're going to Hell.

Yeah! I can see it now. The best and brightest students getting the crap beat out of them by the school yard bullies if they don't believe that dinosaurs wore saddles while being ridden back to the ark.

What is happening in America these day?

Wait! Don't tell me! I think I already know.

This really scares the ever-living bee-jeebers outta me.

I fear for the future of America.

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