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Comment 25 by Pete H

And one other interesting detail about our ancestor’s use of fire is that it is a means of isolating fat from animal food. Liquid fat dripping off a cooking carcass can be captured and bottled in large seed pods or leather pouches. So it doesn’t have to be eaten directly to be conveniently stored for a very long time. It’s an ideal form of highly concentrated and easily portable food energy that enables extremely long journeys,

This aspect is often overlooked because of the confusion about nutrition science and the erroneous linking of fat consumption with disease. It turns out that fat is the primary source of energy fuel in humans, not carbohydrates and protein as has been erroneously (and apparently irreversibly) established.

I think the sources of the confusion comes from the earlier evolved need of humans to seek out foods rich in fats and sugars, when these were scarce and valuable for survival.
The modern day pigging-out on recreational eating, of high calory foods, combined with a lack of exercise, is very unhealthy. In the industrial world, the poor diet is like the spoilt child in a sweet-shop acting on primitive urges.

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