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Pigging out on unhealthy food isn’t really much of a problem for most people. At least no more than alcohol or other drug addictions. And lack of exercise is obviously unhealthy, but there’s a theory that lack of exercise is a consequence of not eating the right kind of high calorie food. It’s a symptom and rather than a cause. Eating high fat / high calorie food is always very important, even more so for our prehistoric ancestors. Some would obviously have struggled to get sufficient exercise given that gyms and personal trainers hadn’t yet been invented.

Sugar may have been scarce back then. Plus there was the bee sting factor. But animal fats would usually have been readily available, at least until human populations grew and hunting technology resulted in exterminations of the more easily harvested prey species. But that just means that other humans were at least as readily accessible as a form of prey animal. The ideal diet humans are best adapted to may be other humans. Something which might also be a source of confusion for modern nutritionists.

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