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Would you do this to a fellow atheist turned ex-atheist? Surely not. I would want to know, WTF? What happened man? Tell me all about it, I'll get the bong, you'll be atheist again before end of day. Sure, I may insult them and give them a good strong verbal shit kicking but it's a verbal shit kicking of love.

If they cared a fraction of a damn as much about her as she did about them, they would have been concerned for her soul (person) not theirs'. They would have invited her in, right away. They would have tried to remind her of how she matters to them. So demented.

This being Easter, I was happy to see my family finally joining in on the religious beating I like to give at these special times of the year. I really felt a warm sensation in my heart when my cousin announced a very happy Jewish Zombie Day to everyone and we all had a laugh, even my Catholic uncle had a laugh. How couldn't he, he was surrounded by atheists who finally don't give a damn that people get offended... even family.

We each, in turn, followed the Jewish Zombie remark with our own little religious joke (further strengthening our resolve that religion is silly). It's a shame that I catch shit my entire life for crapping on the religious but now that Sir Richard, Knight of the Secular Order, has memed anti-religion into the home, I can crack wise with the family and all is well. Sheep can be reasonable. What a great weekend.

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 13:29:33 UTC | #933633