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There is no surprise here. The church is a business and here acts like one. Many people who've worked for offices know the feeling when they are let go, laid off or fired when the company has a security guard stand over you while you clean out your belongings to be escorted out. When you aren't with the servants of the firm anymore you are treated as toxic trash going out the door. It is like the attitude that many business people have about customers. Recently it was shown that executives at Goldman Sachs referred to customers as "Muppets." The reality is that as a customer you are in the way of the money in your pocket that they want. The church hierarchy wants members pouring resources into their coffers regularly and will tell you any kind of claptrap to get it. To be rejected by brainwashed minions is to be given freedom from oppressive thought.

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:57:30 UTC | #933681