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@Ben S, You are much too harsh on Teresa. Suppose you were a true believer for many years and slowly over time you began to have doubts about some of the things you were promoting because you began to realize that they were inherently flawed. I wonder how many employees of business out there would continue to be able to work knowing that products are cheap, badly designed, "strangely" break down after the warranty expires, etc., and expressing their objections? Does this make them frauds and phonies because they are hanging on to an income that feeds their families? By your thinking most of the world population working for employers could be labeled frauds for promoting products that have problems. I worked for a place that had product issues and it would officially lie about them. They weren't harmful problems, just quality ones. If I spoke out, I hit the streets. Food goes, housing goes. The company goes on. Who's screwed? Me!

Teresa didn't begin knowing that church teachings were full of it but evolved into it due to her brain actually working and examining facts from the inside of the company. Aren't whistleblowers honored now whereas once they were a pariah?

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