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Pat on the back to Teresa for biting the bullet.

I think the reaction, unpleasant though it is, is surely partly down to the way she went. She could, for example, have confided to her "flock" that she'd lost her faith and felt ethically unable to carry on, explained her dilemma and what she was going to do. And that might have been relatively anodyne: she might have stayed in the community, become a counsellor or something, or she might have slipped quietly away.

What she did was somewhat different and harder for them to swallow. By all accounts, the first they knew was that Teresa was standing on the podium in the company of leading atheists, proud to be counted. So all the venom is probably an emotional reaction to this "betrayal", but it is, of course, not how they should have reacted.

Common humanity, untainted by religion, brainwashing or dogma, would be to see the person, support and respect and acknowledge the good she'd done. And if they are strong and secure in their belief, surely they should pity her and try to win her back "to save her soul"....? Maybe what they are betraying is their own doubt (or hypocrisy), and she has confronted them and challenged them to do as she has done.

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