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Am I the only one who finds that very few of these quotes actually match up with the 'score' attributed to them? (I really don't know, I'm too lazy to read all the comments). Martin Luther King's quote is compatible with 7, Buddha's sounds like the very definition of 4, Jefferson's is compatible with any score, and Einstein's doesn't talk about God at all (unless you think 'religion' and 'theism' are inseparable, which requires colossal ignorance of world religions). Even Hitchens' isn't really about whether God exists, it's just about finding the idea unappealing.

But in any case I disagree with the scale, since I don't think agnosticism and atheism belong on the same scale at all. One is about knowledge, the other about belief. If atheism is put on the knowledge-scale, then Carl Sagan is absolutely right that it is 'very stupid' because you would have to be omniscient to know that there is no God. And if agnosticism is put on the belief-scale then that is even stupider, because it would the position of 'I don't know what I believe or disbelieve'.

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