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← Update - Sanal Edamaruku under attack for exposing Catholic "miracle"

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Miracles and apparitions are a real headache for the Catholicâ„¢ church.

They can't be denied, because large parts of the faith depend on them.

But they can't be readily admitted either, because that would mean that the local worthies have a more direct line to the Big Fella than those at the top of the hierachy.

The "solution" to this problem is the one Cartomancer mentioned. Pretend to do science, be sceptical, and send along your own troops to try to find non-miraculous explanations. This controls the competition, without blowing the lid off the whole thing.

Now the problem is when you get local vested interests. Contrary to what you might think, the hierachy doesn't actually make much from the local franchises, and even less when those franchises go rogue. Its best interest is promoted by stimulating a generalised religious fervour, while not giving too much ground on any specifics. Thus it must quietly mutter about everything that happens at Medjugorje being a load of total bollocks (in case Catholicismâ„¢ Medjugorje starts getting above itself), while generally approving of pilgrimages there on the ground that they are spiritually fulfilling.

And that is how they would probably have liked to deal with this case. No, it's not a miracle. Yes, it is a wonderful happening. Catholics are spiritual and the rest of the world is damaged goods, etc. ad nauseam.

Only this guy comes along, and not only opines that it is crap, but actually goes ahead and proves it. Hmm. This is a tricky situation. It will be fun watching this one play out.

Sanal Edamaruku wants the blasphemy case. And let's face it, while he is carefully deconstructing the impotent rage of people who believe in magic water, we will all be cheering him on. Let's not feel too sorry for him.

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