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Given that a growing number of experts are questioning the validity of ‘evidence-based medicine’ (EBM) as well as the peer-review system upon which conventional medicine is predicated, and the accuracy of large-scale clinical trials, do you think it appropriate to used the term ‘evidence-based understanding’ of the natural world?

The evidence which is being used in the practice of medicine does not withstand scrutiny. It has been claimed than most claimed research findings are false (John Ioannidis), peer-review is a deeply flawed system (Richard Smith), and medical journals have devolved into information-laudering operations for the pharmaceutical industry (Richard Horton). Implicit reliance by conventional medicine on a deeply flawed system has led to a tragedy of epic proportions whereby patients are not being treated for treatable illnesses. ‘Evidence-based medicine’ is no longer the noble concept it was intended to be.

Beware of being tarred with the same brush. I prefer the term ‘science-based understanding’.

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