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‘Evidence-based medicine’ is no longer the noble concept it was intended to be. (Ladybug)

This is absolutely not true. The concept of evidence-based medicine is noble.

That is to say, medicine based on valid research as opposed to traditional "expert" conjecture from personal experience and personal understandings of physiology (which is still prevalent in the field).

EBM, I would say, has a slightly different--yet still complimentary--objective than the more recent slogan, science-based medicine. Whereas science-based medicine is important for providing critical thinking when no research exists, EBM, in theory, should, in time, ultimately support the entire edifice of medicine with sound, valid modalities providing more predictable outcomes than naked plausibility.

In short, there needn't be enmity between EBM and SBM at all. I have my own unscientific pet theory why some want that to be so, however. MDs versus PhDs? :-j


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