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I have written a complaint to our Indian Consulate office here in Australia, and tried to email the police station in Mumbai directly though this address was out of date, so I'll try another way.

Here is the letter:

Dear Sirs

I am writing to show my support for truth, honesty and fairness. These qualities must over-ride fake religious 'miracles' with regard to the arrest of Mr Sanal Edamaruku at Juhu police station yesterday, see:

All well educated citizens of the world know that there have never been these 'miracles'. They always turn out to be silly claims that are used by such as catholics to promote their religion, to boost religious fervour and gain new followers. Then when someone like Mr Edamaruku comes along and exposes the fraud - they claim to have had their 'religious sentiments' hurt!

These religions need to grow up. Grow some maturity, and stop crying foul every time someone actually catches them in a lie. The Indian government should stand up for the people. They should delete all forms of blasphemy law as soon as possible, and free the people from the crushing dictates of religions. The various levels of Indian government would bring an enormous boost of justice to their citizenry by only enacting laws decisions grounded in REASON and FACT and not of the ‘hurt feelings’ of over zealous religious bigots.

Who is running India anyway, the government or religions?

Mr Edamaruku did nothing wrong in exposing this fraud. The catholic church (and other religions) wants to indoctrinate people and find it increasingly difficult to do so in the face of more education and more science over time. That is why they have come to rely on such nonsense as miracles and blasphemy laws. Religiousness in the modern world is collapsing and religions have become increasingly desperate to combat this trend. The world is at a dangerous juncture where even the 2 most opposing religions work to assist each-other in support of blasphemy laws, trying to gain these in the United Nations that is a highly dangerous situation for mankind.

Religions should not have any power at all to enforce respect from anyone.

Respect is not real unless it is given voluntarily, and that will happen when the giver of the respect decides for themselves that the receiver deserves it. This draconian and harmful old fashioned idea that one can demand respect cannot prevail in an educated society. India must decide if it wants to become a modern, happy society or continue to wallow in ignorance and troubles. These laws make inappropriate use of your police force. I hope the Mumbai Police place their own ban on co-operating with these cruel blasphemy laws.

Imagine if it was yourself that investigated this miracle. What would you have done upon discovering it's falsehood? Would you have lied to the people to save your own skin? Your website introduction states " Mumbai Police shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favour, and strive to create a fear free environment ..."

A fear free environment.

Well gentlemen, you can never have a fear free environment with blasphemy laws in place. Blasphemy laws are all about creating fear. Fear to tell the truth. Fear of the churches power. Fear to speak out about the horrible crimes committed by religions in your environment!

Please take a good look at the fear these laws bring into existence. Note how instead of lowering the amount of public suffering, they instead encourage these crazy religions to demand more and more 'religious freedom' at the expense of everyone else's freedom! Every nation needs truly secular government. It is the only way to both stop the religious crimes against humanity and bring world peace from religious violence. The religions of the world need to be told. Note I said 'told'. Not 'negotiated with'. They should retain the 'right' to freedom to practice their religion for themselves as individuals only' to the extent it is in no way forced upon any other individual. They must be firmly told that they DO NOT have the right to demand any political or privileged economic outcomes. Children must have the right to no religion. Parents do not 'own', the minds of their children. Faith schools must be abolished.

Look at the videos of 'child throwing', look at the fear in those little children's eyes and tell yourself they are ok!

When laws are enacted for the purpose of preventing criticism, then FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS LOST.

You have lost your freedom of expression and you need to win it back.

I applaud Mr Edamaruku. I applaud his bravery and his determination. He is a good man and if you allow him to be prosecuted for the crime of telling the truth, then it is you who are guilty, guilty of religious persecution.

I will be following this story closely and reporting the outcomes to as many people and institutions as I can.

I encourage your all Indian government officials regardless of their stature, to educate themselves as to the true horrors religion has inflicted on the world.

Suggested reading:

God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens The God Delusion, by Professor Richard Dawkins The End of Faith, by Sam Harris The Missionary Position, by Christopher Hitchens The Magic of Reality, by Professor Richard Dawkins

Yours in Peace and for freedom

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